Innovation in diagnosis

Our aim is to heighten and extend the abilities of the healthcare professional to perform quicker, more accurate and more informative diagnoses. We believe that the combination of medical professionals with AI should be more than the sum of it's parts.

Collaboration with professionals

We closely collaborate with researchers and doctors. This may result in novel biostatistical methods or biomedical insights. We strive to publish our findings and to share knowledge and code with the scientific community.

Transparency and interpretability

We prefer transparent and easy-to-interpret methods over extremely complex black box models that are slightly more performant in terms of accuracy. This allows explainability of the results to the patients and it forms the basis for prescriptive what-if modelling.

Medxai specializes in data science challenges in healthcare. The amount of healthcare data is growing to staggering amounts and the potential of exploiting this data to improve healthcare is widely recognized. However, it remains difficult to harness this potential for the benefit of patients and the amount of data driven diagnostic support systems a doctor and patient can use in the clinical practice remains limited to this day. Our mission is to bring data science into the doctor's office and to assist the doctor in giving the best possible care to the patient.



5 years of innovation experience in healthcare


PhD in applied mathematics
8 years of experience in applied machine learning and data science

Machine Learning Engineer

10 years of experience in software engineering

Machine Learning Engineer

6 years of experience in applied machine learning

About Us

We originated in ABN AMRO’s Beyond Banking hackathons in 2017 and 2018. These were large events where dozens of teams worked on their dream projects, aiming to build a prototype during the weekend. Data scientist who mainly work in the financial sector were introduced into the world of genetics and medical data under the supervision of domain experts. Curious what that was like? See the report that the Dutch news program EenVandaag did on the Beyond Banking Days.

After two Beyond Banking hackathons the Medxai team was formed. In 2019, together with ABN AMRO and The Heart Foundation we formulated a challenge and organized a smaller hackathon, this time solely focused on a healthcare. See the after movie here.

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